Become a helper

Earn an extra income by helping others with moving, delivering and recycling things.

An easy extra income on your own terms

Would you like to make some extra money at a time and a place that suits you? Great, you’ve come to the right place. All you need to get started is your own vehicle and a smartphone.

Fast payouts

Once a task is completed, the money will be processed and deposited into your bank account.

Full flexibility

You decide when, who and how often you want to help out. There are no requirements.

Easy to get started

Get started within a few minutes. No licenses or special permits are required as long as you're not driving at a professional level.

Become an urban hero

When you drive stuff in Tiptapp, you're not only helping others solve their everyday puzzle - you're also contributing to more carpooling and fewer cars on our roads.

How it works

Once you have downloaded the app and registered as a helper it is super easy to help someone and start making some extra money.


Scan through ads

Select which pickups you want to do.


Offer your help

Send some alternative time slots for when you can help out.


Complete the task

Just follow the steps in the app. All info and communication in one place.


Get paid!

As soon as your drop-off is verified your payment is released.

How you show recycling

To ensure safe recycling, Tiptapp checks all recycling before helpers are paid.

What other helpers are saying

Tiptapp has over 11,000 helpers. We asked a few of them what they thought about being a Tiptapp helper.

"It feels great to contribute to combating climate change while making good extra earnings. I have done it for a few years now and it works great!”

Helper in London

"What’s amazing about Tiptapp is that it gives me full flexibility while also providing a great extra income. I choose completely freely when I want to drive and what deliveries to do!”

Helper in Lisbon

"I can make a big contribution to the environment and bring joy to many people, who are not motorized. I get a lot of positive feedback, I meet a lot of different people, and it's a lot of fun! It's great that I can decide absolutely freely!”

Helper in Berlin

"Tiptapp is the sharing economy at its best! Today, many people lack a car, time or the opportunity to drive their things themselves. It feels very good to make an effort and at the same time earn extra money. As a student, you need extra money and it's perfect to combine with studies, because I choose exactly when and how often I want to make a pick-up.”

Helper in Stockholm

"It is a really nice part-time job where you get to meet a lot of different people and see different places. And you also get paid quickly.”

Helper in Stockholm

"Being a part of Tiptapp since 2022 has given me a lot of opportunities to make a difference to our environment and to help people in need, either by moving their belongings from Point A to B, Recycle or Giveaway.”

Helper in Berlin

Questions & answers

These are the most frequently asked questions from other helpers.

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You need to be at least 18 years old and use your own vehicle. Download app and earn you first money today.

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