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Shopping assistance and home delivery of anything, anytime!

Have you ever wished you could just make something appear?

Home delivery of anything, anytime! With the 'buy for me' feature, it's easy, convenient, and quick to get help with any last-minute shopping or purchases that are difficult to make. Tiptapp matches users who need help with those who have extra space in their car and time to buy and deliver anything from heavy items and bulky furniture to pet food and flower deliveries.

Quick help

Same-day deliveries, no need to wait overnight

No add-on fee

Items are the same price as in the store

Anything, anytime

Get whatever you need bought and delivered to your doorstep

Easy to use

Select and communicate with the helper in the app

Door to door

Delivered to your doorstep


You set the price that you are willing to pay

What people can buy for you

Here are the most popular things being bought and delivered

  • IKEA home delivery
  • Buy and deliver sofa
  • Pick up and delivery of furniture
  • Bulky items from the hardware store
  • Plants and garden essentials
  • Bulk Purchases
  • Paint and renovation supplies delivered
  • Ice, balloons, or other party decorations
  • Firewood delivery
  • Buy and deliver pet food
  • Shopping assistance of anything, anytime
  • Multistop shopping assistance
  • Last minute gifts
  • Flower delivery

How it works

Once you have downloaded the app it is super easy to post an ad to get help from someone near you.


Create an ad

Enter the shop along with your shopping list and what you are willing to pay for the delivery


Select a helper

Get instant requests and select who you want to help you


Help's on the way!

Pay for transport through the app and reimburse the helper for the goods at the point of drop off

Latest ads

Here are some examples of what others are getting help with in your region

Thousands of happy users

Don't just take our word for it, here is what our users are saying about us

"I used this app for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to navigate... received several responses to my request immediately, and had it taken care of the following day. Driver was very friendly and punctual. Efficiency at its best!”

Advertiser in Berlin

"Highly recommend using Tiptapp - I got stuck with some building materials that I needed to have removed and responsibly disposed of, quickly. I found Tiptapp via Islington council website and an absolute legend called Nas came around within an hour”

Advertiser in London

"Awesome experience for give away stuff that can be value for others people”

Advertiser in Stockholm

"Such a great service! - I was able to book my transportation within a minute, and I kid you not, after about 50 minutes the second hand items I had just purchased arrived at my house! Buying vintage items via the web may be too easy now.”

Advertiser in London

"Super quick, super slick, super handy for people without a car! - Big recommendation for Tiptapp app. A couple of clicks and I got rid of a front garden full of rubbish for a great price in less than 2 hours!”

Advertiser in Stockholm

"I had a lot of recycling that needed to be transported to the dump, but I don't have a car. It was easy to put everything on the driveway and a driver responded to my offer via Tiptapp within a minute. Pick up was within half an hour.”

Advertiser in Berlin

Most users find someone who can help them in less than 2 minutes !

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