Safe recycling

How Tiptapp ensures correct and transparent recycling of waste

When it comes to recycling, we want to make sure it's done in the right way and that all waste picked up through Tiptapp ends up where it's supposed to - at the recycling yards. 

To guarantee this, we have something we call verified recycling. Verified recycling consists of three checkpoints:

  1. Time stamp

  2. GPS coordinates

  3. Photo proof

Users that have picked up waste show that they are recycling by using the app to snap a picture at the pick up location, as well as at the place of recycling. The image is saved and uploaded along with geo-coordinates and current timestamp. This shows us that all the items from the ad have arrived at the yard, during the opening hours. All recycling is checked both automatically and manually by our support team. If any of these steps are not followed or are mismatching, the user making the drop off is blocked and contacted to provide the missing information. No payments are made until the verification is complete. 

See how it works

Watch out short video showing how helper verify their recycling

Our vision of better recycling

With just a few clicks, we make it easy for you to get rid of waste and get it recycled properly. By connecting users who need help with others who have access to a car or trailer, we use society's resources in a smarter and more efficient way. This reduces the number of individual trips to recycling centers, which in turn reduces the number of cars on the road and unnecessary emissions.

In addition to verifying all recycling, we also want to ensure that our users have the right knowledge about proper recycling according to local regulations. Therefore, we offer clear guidelines on how to sort and handle recyclable materials. We also work with municipal waste companies and recycling facilities to promote responsible recycling and provide convenient options for all residents to get rid of their waste.